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If anyone is interested in attending the STCC tournament this sunday the 15th, coach kris will be there for anyone who needs a coach.


Anyone watching Who's number one? They aren't doing a good job promoting the two piece uniform. Each year they confirm why the singlet is better for competition.


only 6 weeks before practice starts. If you want fight shorts, bag's,compression tops etc before practice starts, you need to order them now:


We are making a promo highlight video for this upcoming season, if you have video's of your kids could you please send it to us - either PM us a link or email the video to either this facebook page or Kris Keckler


Online registration is open. , same price as last year $85 . If you already own a red singlet you don't need to buy a new one if you outgrew it, we'll replace it for you at practice.



All of the Fall Wrestling programs start after labor day. If you are looking to start getting into shape, even if just once a week, let us know and we can send you the details of area clubs that might fit your schedule.


The 2018 FYW Roadtrip this year is Tulsa, Nationals Jan 18-20. Airfare is about $300 roundrip, hotels < $100 per night, $45 for entrance fee.


2017 NCAA Champion Jason Nolf of PSU will be at the Monty Tech camp tomorrow(friday). You can get both Friday and Saturday (with coach Krauss) for $100 total, camp goes from 10:00 am - 2:30.


Coach Kris is putting together an order for custom fight shorts, let him know if you are interested so he can get the order in soon, it takes a while for custom orders.


World Silver Medalist Jake Hebert will be at the Monty Tech camp tomorrow (weds). If you can only make the camp one day, this might be the day.


We are still planning on running a 5k as a group this fall, here is one that was recently recommended. We are still open for other options, let us know when you hear about them.


Summer Party/Banquet is Saturday July 29. It's been a very busy offseason, we have finally set the date for the Summer Banquet, it's going to be sat July 29 at Leominster State Forest 2:00->4:00 pm. It'll be a simple Pizza Picnic, we'll provide the pizza and cover the entrance into the park and we encourage everyone to bring a Salad or dessert. Please RSVP by this Sunday July 16th so we can order the party favours. Incase of rain, we'll have it Sunday the 30th.


This is a great program to help keep the kids active over the summer, it's free, in the evenings, you can sign up anytime and you can show up as it fits your schedule.


Reminder that the Kraus,Nickel,Nolf Camp at Monty Tech is only one month away. . Ignore the FH address, it is at Monty Tech


Crossface graphics set us up with a team store so you can order the back packs directly from them with no minimum order. Reminder that it takes around 5 weeks so don't procrastinate until the beginning of the season.


Here are the finished gear bags, they came out great, they are big, about 30% bigger then my brute bag. Took a full five weeks to get them. Let me know if you want one.


Good luck to our kids in the Fitchburg relays tonight. Let's see how all those sprints at the end of the season worked out.


I met some great companies out in Ohio last week, here are new custom gear bag-backpack designs.


Any kids interested in competing in the Kids Spartan Race June 17 or 18 in Rutland, MA?


My new car magnets.


It's confirmed, Bo Nickal, Jason Nolf and Mike Krause Camp at Monty Tech August 1st - 5th. A group of people from NH are organizing it and we are providing the facilities:


Offseason Wrestling Practice for experienced kids ages 7-18+


Marshwoods Results: Cooper, Troy 1st Kaleb,Haylee,Isiac,Lucien,Jack V 2nd X2,Jalen 3rd CJ 4th Colin, X1 5th The k-2's got 6th out of 50+ teams and 7/8 graders got 8th out of 62 Teams